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Cecelia Claire represents limitless imagination for incredible interiors. 

Offering a fresh reimagining of the traditional decorative painter, this interiors artist creates hypercustomised handpainted surfaces for residences, retail and hospitality. Her creations include bespoke murals and wallcoverings on a variety of substrates including silk and gold foil, as well as digitally printed wallpaper and textiles from original painted designs. 

A former traveling translator, Cecelia once lived a season inside the Casa Mila by Antoni Gaudí, whose Gesamtkunstwerk informed her aesthetic and sense of what is possible at the crossroads of art, craft and interiors.   

The discerning designer need only ask to see their favorite Chinoiserie, floral, botanical, landscape or narrative motifs rendered by handpainting in the palette and on the surface of their choosing.  

Cecelia’s process is highly collaborative with the client’s vision as the raison d’etre. She draws on a wide pool of references from historical ornament and fine art media and technique to accomplish this. 

Her offerings include on-site wall murals, shippable murals wallpaper by the roll, panoramic murals, landscape murals, handpainted paper-backed silk wallpaper, handpainted gold foil wallpaper, bespoke digitally printed textiles, bespoke digitally printed wallcoverings, and bespoke glazed tile.

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