I am an artist and designer creating lush and immersive interior murals, bespoke fabrics and wallpaper, and hand-glazed tiles, ll born from paintings.

It all started in Barcelona.

In my past life as a traveling translator I responded to an ad for a Barcelona apartment for rent. Little did I know that when I said ‘yes’ sight-unseen, I was agreeing to lease a maid’s quarters in Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila (‘La Pedrera’), pictured above.

I spent a magical season inside this Gesamtkunstwerk, or ‘total work of art’, where every element is a painting or sculpture, from hand-forged doorknobs and sculpted plaster door frames to a hand-carved wood elevator carriage, the entire meta-structure carved from stone to appear as an undulating shoreline with seaweed balconies, and subtle murals on most every wall.

Thus was born an idea for an interior arts firm that would unite my love for fine art and decor. I spent the next seven years studying craft and design from Portland to Portugal, from metalworking to oil painting to interior design.

Never content to leave art in a frame, I now create handpainted walls, fabric and tile murals that become part of the living environment and immortalize the ephemeral.

I focus primarily on motifs that evoke a strong sense of place, both real and imagined, with botanical elements, landscapes and city themes.